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Jul 19, 2017

A decade ago, there were few resources for families who received a discouraging life-limiting prenatal diagnosis. Three years ago, Richard and Pauline Hunter of Falls Church were told the baby she was carrying would likely only live for two hours. They found support through a perinatal palliative care program at Tepeyac in Fairfax, an early leader in the field. Veronica was born with a rare condition that affected her breathing, but as the Hunters stroked her jet black hair and caressed her tiny feet, they squeezed a lifetime of love into two and half days with her. Find out more about this touching story in the latest edition of the Herald, and get a sneak peek at a story in our upcoming issue. Are you enjoying the Catholic Herald's podcasts? Spread the Good News! Please subscribe to our station and give us a shout-out on Facebook or Twitter.