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Feb 15, 2018

Guests arriving at the Night to Shine Feb. 9 were greeted by a cheering crowd lining a red carpet. As they came inside the hall at All Saints Church in Manassas, each was given a white rose boutonniere or corsage. Young men had their shoes shined while ladies had their makeup and hair touched up by volunteers. Limousines offered guests a spin around the parking lot. And that was all before the dancing began.

Night to Shine, a dinner dance for teens and adults with special needs, was created by Tim Tebow, a former NFL quarterback, and continues to be sponsored by his foundation. This year, 90,000 guests attended Night to Shine events at 537 churches around the world. The All Saints dance drew 95 guests, more than 100 parents and family members, and 175 volunteers, who helped with parking, served as buddies for the guests, ran registration and helped with  cleanup and setup.